The Firm

Patreli Partners is a firm of solicitors and advocates specialized in the provision of legal compliance and advisory services in Nigeria.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive and effective legal services within our operating environment, in response to legal and regulatory requirements that affect our clients and their businesses.

We adopt an industry focused and multidisciplinary approach to client service using teams of staff with experience in different functional disciplines. The individual capabilities of our various disciplines becomes even more powerful as we work together repeatedly, exchanging ideas, knowledge and expertise to help clients in their particular industries.

Teamwork and service innovation

At Patreli Partners we attach great value to the concept of teamwork. Teamwork means our team joining our client’s team to solve complex legal issues.

We fully understand the importance of creating stakeholder value. Patreli Partners is geared to partnering with our clients through the process of acquiring, developing and deploying knowledge that will create the greatest impact on stakeholder value.

Each engagement team will be led at least by a Partner. They will be responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of our service to clients. They have qualities demanded by reputable clients: integrity, leadership, expertise, commitment and innovation.