The Federal Inland Revenue service is empowered by section 2 and schedule 1 of Federal Inland Revenue Service Act, 2007 to administer on the following taxes:
1. Company Income Tax (Amended) Act, 2007
2. Personal Income Tax (Amended) Act, 2011
3. Value Added Tax Act, 2007.
4. Capital Gains Tax Act Cap. C1 LFN, 2004
5. Petroleum Profits Tax (Amended) Act, 2007
6. Stamp Duty Act Cap. S8 LFN, 2004.
7. Taxes and Levies (Approved List for Collection) Act Cap T2 LFN, 2004


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Category: Company Secretarial and Corporate Advisory

Written by: Ofoha Chibuzor Esq. (Associate)