Most employment relationships in Nigeria are based on an employment contract entered into by parties. Being a capitalist nation the tendency of employers to exploit employees is in some instances considered normal and typical. Although we have several Statutes regulating employment relationships, exploitation of employees is still very common and often leads to a sore end.

Most of these disputes end up in the National Industrial Court for determination. These disputes are usually to the detriment of the employers. It does not just affect the employers’ finances but also the public’s perception of the employer, which will in the long run affect profitability.

The Statutes regulating employment have put measures and specific standards for employment relationships in Nigeria. Every employer will do well to put the various obligations that concern his or her field into consideration before entering employment relationships.

The Labour Act was the initial law regulating employment relationships in Nigeria, because most of the job were industrial in nature, but as other sectors of the economy grew other statutes had to be created to regulate other employment relationships.

This is the Court with exclusive jurisdiction to hear employment related disputes.

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Category: Labour & Employment

Written by: Olayinka Oluwo (Senior Associate)